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It's complicated, to say the least, not that it should be just that it is.

The majority of dieticians, health workers etc, will say that saturated fat is bad for us, which it is to a degree, however, we also need saturated fat for the integrity of the heart cells (I think that's what it was, or the arerial cells of the heart or some such thing, but heart related anyway; I read it a long time ago and don't have a link, sorry) which oddly, polyunsaturated fats make soft as opposed to ehlping with the mentioned integrity, so in a sense, too many polyunsaturated fats in the diet are not a good thing either.

One or two links suggest, that the majority of fats should be monounsaturated with polunsaturated being next in terms of quantity and saturated fats making up around 5% of the entire fat intake; that kind of makes sense, considering nuts and such will be predominantly monounsaturated.

Some individuals suggest that where low carb high fat diets are concerned that monounsaturated fats don't cause an issue but saturated fats even with the low carb diet can lead to insulin issues; don't ask me why, I have no idea...probably need to do more research on that one as do they, more than likely.

It does seem to make sense though to have a balance and not focus on one particular source of fat (mono, poly, sat) which also fits with a balanced diet anyway; saturated fats play their role as much as other fats and unfortunately the dieticians prefer to steer people completely away from them and causing an imbalance in the ratios that we would once have eaten which is not the key to good health.
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