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Default Biceps and Bench

What is it about benching that seems to aggravate one of your biceps? I'm seeing a theme from a lot of people's logs that benching does cause some bicep pains. That's my hypothesis.

Is everyone's pains similar? Mine's like an ache in the fat part of my left bicep. I also have some sharper pains from time to time at the very lowest part of the bicep connection just above my elbow. I assumed this was some tendinitis like thing that I get from always carrying my daughter/groceries/etc. in my left arm. I didn't necessarily connet it with benching. The ache I mentioned first is from benching though. And it's only in one arm, the other does not have any real pain, just normal soreness from working out.

So, what causes this?
- From what I notice: I lower the bar fairly quickly and I believe the pain stems from decelerating hard at my chest. I think it's in my left arm because that arm frequently is slightly lower than my right when I get to my chest. Now, this is not scientific, but that is the impression I get. I will also note, when I fail to lockout, it's always my right arm that does not lock out, never my left. Don't know if that means anything, though.
I'd like to hear if other people have other ideas.

Then somewhat more importantly, what should you do about it? Both after the fact and as preventative.
- For my part, I do not do curls and the only direct bicep stuff is some chinups. I know Muscle G and JB have both mentioned doing hammer curls on bench days, and Fazc has mentioned not doing straight chins, but neutral grip instead.
- What about after the fact? Should you get away from flat benching to some other form for a week or two to relieve the aches and work on the bicep? Other?

Anyway, something I'm noticing and interested in what other people think. Anything on this topic would be appreciated.
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