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Monday, 4-16-12
Squat 270 (6,4).
Calf Raise 3x8, 260, 280, 295(7)
Cleans 5x3, 150.
Weighted Situps 3x10, 60(15), 70(15), 70
Side Bends 3x8, 45 (15)

HELP!. Something is definitely wrong with my squat. I'm not sure what it is. 2 weeks ago, I got my 20 rep goal at 265 without a ton of trouble. For some reason, I can't get 7 reps of 270 to save my life. I am out of gas just a few reps into the 2nd set and I end up leaning forward too much. My left knee is also starting to hurt. I'm thinking of dropping down 20 or 30 pounds and focusing on a wider stance (the better to stay upright) and form. Maybe even switching it up to front squats or even goblet squats. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Much better technique on cleans this week and it made all the difference.
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