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Thanks, Pull! It's perhaps more of a "squishing" feeling on my thumb. It really is more disconcerting than painful. I'm not pushing weights heavy enough for any of this to be painful. I'm just thinking ahead. This is something weird I'm feeling, so I thought I'd ask.

Good tip about the tape! My mom's a nurse, so I'm hooked for whatever tape I need.

Tank, I do power cleans because I started out that way with a Bill Starr routine. I can full clean half ass decently, but I am limited as I don't have bumper plates, so I have to make the lift or it's a tense few minutes in my neighborhood gym. For me, my first pull isn't the greatest, and my third pull is horrible, but my second pull is awesome, so hang or power cleans are almost always successful, and even if not, they can be caught before crashing into the floor. Full cleans, I'd quickly be into scary territory that could cause me a mischief.

With power cleans, I can heave some decent weight without months of learning the very precise form needed for the full version. I'm never going to be an olympic lifter. I just want to generate power in the lifts I do. I think using power cleans will work for me in my goals.

Also, I have some Kono books too, and I'm not sure that's what he actually meant if indeed you are quoting him correctly. Proper power cleans, especially as I try to do them like Starr, etc. are not inherently a bad pull using arms, it's just some really strong guys can get away with pulling that way using arms instead of proper mechanics. I'm not that strong. I have to hip/shrug it or I can't lift it high enough at all.

I believe power cleans will do what want them to do for now. I'll get into full cleans properly one day when my flexibiity increases and my motivation for them is higher. But thanks for the thoughts, Buddy!
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