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Thanks Tank, BtB! Groove getting established. Great day today. I feel like I'm back.

P. Snatch:
2x 1x 85

P. Clean:
3x 3x 125

200x 7, 8, 6 (21 reps, goal met, add 5 pounds)

5x 175, 185, 195
ss w/ Seated Chest Supported Row: 5x 10x 100 (too light, will jump this some)

One Arm DB Farmers: 65x 1 min each hand (too heavy, start lighter next time)

Notes: Happy with Snatch and Clean form in general.....

I got a question though. I'm hook gripping them and with cleans, it's going well, but sometimes I feel a little roll of the thumb which hurts, is that normal? It's not terrible pain, but a little disconcerting. I don't wnt that to lead to a disclocated thumb knuckle or something as the weights go up. But, if it's normal wear and tear when first starting to hook, then that's that.

With snatch though, I can barely hold my thumb unless I move in a little on the bar, which doesn't seem so bad now, but the bar is above my waist when standing up. I wonder if that might be a major problem as the weight increases? Or no big deal? So I'm open to suggestions there.

As for general warmups, I'm only rowing prior to lifting to save time. I'm doing all the lift specific warmup stuff in between the very light warmup sets I use to warmup the lift itself. I like this! And I'm doing the lift specific stretches right after finishing the lift itself in the break between exercises. I like this too. And because I'm pushing and pulling on the same day (as well as benching with much better form), I don't feel the need to do a whole lot of shoulder stuff right afterward.

So, just some general flexibility stuff afterward in areas I know I need more range of motion, and some back yoga to keep the back happy.

There you go. Onward and upward.
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