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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
My .02 from 16 years as a police officer......... it depends upon the crime. It also depends upon the sentence. You can't compare serial murderers, child rapists, etc to ponzi scheme grand masters or tax evasion offenders.

I lean toward rehabilitation -- however, it has to be spent on someone who will actually benefit from it. Child molesters for example? There is no amount of rehab that will "cure" them. They are better taken care of with a quick round to the skull. Sadly, we have to be more civilized than that.

If you are in prison for life, for a horrific crime, then by all means, lets make it uncomfortable. I'm really ok with that. But then begins the slippery slope of defining "horrific", etc.

I honestly can't give an answer. For me, it absolutely depends upon the specific crime committed.
Originally Posted by Ryano View Post
Sorry, but in my opinion, this doesn't happen. The really violent offender does not rehabilitate. These are the people that Gasp deals with daily in a maximum security prison. They do not value human life. They have very few morals, if any. For these people the only real deterrent is the death penalty. I dealt with many in my career. People who had commited multiple murders, aggravated battery/robbery or sex offenses with absolutely no remorse. They simply don't see life the way the rest of us do.

The others, violators of property crimes, ie. theft, burglary.., can be rehabilitated but only if the punishment is severe enough to make them want to not go back. The way it is in most U.S. prisons, it's just an occupational hazard for them to get caught. The do minimal time and have decent living conditions until they get out and go back to their old ways immediately.

If I had my way, anyone convicted and sentenced to life in prison would immediately be put on a "involuntary organ donor list". As soon as matches came up for them, their organs would be harvested and distributed to the society they violated. Why should society continue to pay for the housing with no hope of rehab.?

I cannot speak for Gasper, but anyone who has experience dealing with these type of people will probably agree. After 25+ years in law enforcement, the last 19 as Detective, I've seen the worst society can offer and they walk the streets amoung us because of the flaws in the system.
I feel the same as the these two. There is no rehabilitation for these criminals. I am referring to the predators and not the one that has committed involuntary manslaughter, self defense homicide or the eighteen year old boy with a sixteen year old girlfriend. As Ryano said, I work in a maximum security facility, the worst of the worst in Illinois. They are here for violent crimes against society and with in these walls. They are serial killers, serial rapist, murders, sexual predators against the young and old....I can go on. These individuals are a waste of life and will never serve any purpose in society. I am superior to them because I do value the life of my fellow man. They do not deserve the fundamental rights.

~ Roger Ryan

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