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Originally Posted by Jesda View Post
How do you feel about prisons having weight rooms? I feel if you are in prison you should not be rewarded for your bad behavior by having a gym to use. Why should you get some perks for not acting like you should in society?
I wouldnt consider yard in a prison a perk. And to be truthful the ones that are on the yard religiously are the ones that cause the least trouble.

Originally Posted by JacktheThriller View Post
they also have better libraries than most schools
Not true.

Originally Posted by Trevor Lane View Post
No, they should be fed the corn and soy laden crap that American public schools sell in their cafeterias and the only activity they should engage in is manual labor. I see nothing wrong with chain gangs repairing roads or digging ditches, etc. They also shouldn't have TV, and the only books they should have access to are those written before the turn of the 20th century, but if the manual labor is done right, they'll have no energy to read.
The food is far worst. Soy everything, holy gassy cellhouse! Believe me you dont want these convicts outside those walls, todays criminal is a lot different then from the ones seventy years ago. Also, Unions. You know what I mean.

Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
I assume the thread is about those that are in prison with good reason and not those that have been locked away erroneously? Which may not account for many but it does account for some and that's the point; should they also be considered in the same way and have access to nothing having done nothing?
It does happen and I am truly sorry for the individual that has to endure that hell. If a jury finds them guilty then it is my job to treat him the same as the serial rapist that was nabbed with his pants down. I can not take ones word for it, I must treat all the same.

Originally Posted by tank View Post
I couldn't care less what happens in prisons because their purpose is to separate criminals from society, which they do; however, to argue that the innocent convicts deserve entertainment in return for being wrongfully incarcerated is silly! Let's do a better job of not locking those guys up.
Thats a lot easier said then done. Im in courtrooms everyday now and for the most part I feel that people are treated fairly. Shit happens at times and the wrong person gets the rap, once again sorry.

~ Roger Ryan
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