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Monday, 4-9-12
Squat, 270 (5,4,4). 20 rep goal missed...badly.
Calf Raise 3x8, 255, 275, 290
Cleans 5x3, 150.
Wtd Situps 3x10, 45(15), 60(15), 70(15).
Side Bends 3x8, 45 (15).

I felt like crap all day Monday. Squats felt like a mountain was on my back and I had no explosion for cleans. I got allthe reps for cleans, but it didn't feel the same.

I worked pretty hard in the yard this weekend and I had 2 glasses of whisky on Sunday. I have a couple of drinks once in a while, but I hadn't had any in a long time, and it had been a tough day, so I had a couple. I think the combination of those things sapped me early this week. Oh well, lesson learned.

Tuesday, 4-10-12
Bench 250 (6,5,5). 20 rep goal missed.
DbRow 3x10-15, 80 (11,10,10). 1 more than last week.
Dips 75 (7,7,6). 20 rep goal met.
Chinups BW+15 (7,6,5). 20 rep goal missed.

I hit my goals on Dbrow and dips, but I'm gonna do them again next week to try for more reps. Came up just short on chinups. I'll get em next week.
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