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OK, bit of a rocky start to this program. Still, got the work done, just started a bit too high on some things and my low back still is not quite right. So, I'll make some adjustments for wed.

Monday, week 1, only posting work sets, obviously I warmed up prior to each exercise as necessary.

morning: stretching and 10 rep circuit

warmup: rowing, leg and shoulder stuff

P. Snatch: 3x 1x 95

P. Clean: 3x 3x 130

5x 220, 230, 245*

Bench 3x 20 rep goal:*
6x 195
5x 185
6x 185
ss w/
BB Rows 3x 25 rep goal: 140x 8, 8, 9 (goal met, plus 5 next week)

Side Bends: 5x 12x 65DB

Shoulder stuff and low back yoga.

Snatch went fairly well, but muscled up the last one, so stay at this weight. I need to get lower on the catch, still trying to pull it high instead of going down to get it. Power cleans felt very tight though! But aggravated my back a bit.

I felt the low back in the squats and barely ekked out 245 for 5. I based this off a 1rm of 290, but that's just a bit too high to start. Should have gone with 275-280, so today would have ended with 5 at 235. That would have been a smarter way to start off and get momentum going forward, especially as my low back is still not right. So, I'll adjust that a bit going forward.

Bench was way too ambitious. I've done 185 for 10 a while ago, so I thought maybe I could hit 195 for 20 reps total now... uh, no, not even close. I'm dropping this down to 175 and getting some momentum going forward, too.

Still, I got a lot of work done in less than 60 min. (75 min total counting warmups and post w/o stuff)

There you go. Not great, but not bad either. Live and learn.
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