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Yeah. excellent advice, no question. Thanks BtB too. I am going to naturally lose some fat as I really focus on eating better this year, so we'll see what happens. I get that you just do what you do and see where the chips fall, but is there more to it than that? And for me, standing next to those natural 198s, they are just bigger taller wider, well not in the waist, but everywhere else. But the 181 guys I felt way more in tune with size wise. And they're still stronger than me, so I'm not saying this just so I place better in some meet because it will be a long time before I do that, if ever!

I was more thinking of other people in general who might have a similar question in their minds. Weight gain or weight loss is a year long process at least. How do you know which way to go?

For example. LtL started out at 181 or 198, but now is 230 or 240 and monster strong. How did he know to go up in weight? Would he have made similar gains if he stayed lighter? Max is 170ish I think, why not eat his way up to 181 or 198? Would he be even stronger? JB is ridiculous strong at 300, but Honeycutt stays at 198 and is just as ridiculous strong respectively, but why didn't he go up to heavyweight too?

I get that if you're 6'3" you're going to eat your way up to your frame because at 181 you're not maximizing your potential, and if you're Franco Columbo you're probably never going to carry 275 lbs safely. But what about those sizes in between? Where do you draw the line?

I'm not just talking about winning a weight class or anything like that. I'm talking about what are some clues from your body/size/bones/temperament/etc. that help you make decisions about where you are going over the next year? Two years? etc.

Might be rambling at this point. But, this is something that perplexes me.
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