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Default Mike's 5-3-1 Fullbody Routine

OK, so I'm looking to get back in the gym Monday and I decided to go the 5-3-1 route and add in some power lifts. I decided against any straight speed sessions for a variety of reasons, but I am going to push speed on each rep.

I'm looking at something like this:
P Snatch 3x1 (100%),
Cleans 3x3 (80%),
Squat 5-3-1,
Bench 3x 20 rep goal,
Row 3x 10,
DB Side Bends 5x 12. Also shoulder stuff at end.

DB Swings 2x 10-15,
C+P 5-3-1,
Front Squat 5x3,
Deadlift 5-3-1,
Chinups 5x 5, ss w/ Dips 5x12,
Plank 3-5x 1 min.

P. Snatch 2x1 (80%),
Cleans 3x3 (85ish%),
Squat 3x 20 rep goal,
Bench 5-3-1,
Row 5x 10,
One arm Farmer's 2-3x 1 min. Also shoulder stuff at end.

Suggestions are always welcome, so fire away.

Goals are 365 squat, 300 bench, 405 deadlift, bodyweight or above C+P by Thanksgiving in that order of importance. I also want to bring my conditioning up and lose about 10 pounds of fat to get down near 181. I've been stuffing myself this week and tipped the scales at 194 yesterday, but it's back on the clean food treadmill Monday. I think 185 is well within the cards by late Summer if not sooner. If so, my next meet in Nov/Dec will be at 181. We'll see.

I'm starting 10% down on all my max's, and I'm only going to be doing very light deadlifts the first week as my back is still sore and I don't want to aggravate it. Haven't snatched in a while, so starting very light with that too, but I am itching to whip some cleans up, so we'll see how that goes. Core might not be done every session if time runs short, but two times a week for sure.

Anyway, let me know what you think, and it's back to the grindstone Monday.

Have a nice Easter everybody! Don't eat too many Chocolate Bunnies! Well, unless you're bulking of course.
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