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OK, some excellent advice. I like the idea of doing main upper body lifts, Bench and Push Press. Those are my two favorite lifts anyway, and it makes sense to thrown in some OHP here and there.

I also like limiting the heavy deadlifts to every other week, but since I know I have some form issues, I am thinking of doing them a bit more often, but with lighter weight, purely to work on form, then once the form is better, dropping the extra sessions.

Also, what pull said about pushing for every rep to be as fast as possible makes huge sense too. People I talked to at the meet said I move the bar pretty fast already, and so if I push that all the time, that'll probably be enough. Plus, what tank said about joint problems doing speed work, and I'd have to get bands and such, so that's an extra expense not needed right now. And I remember Al saying speed work is only beneficial if your form is really good on the reps. I have no guys working with me, so I wouldn't know until looking at tape later if I was doing something wrong, so that's not too helpful either. Anyway, so separate speed sessions are out.

Good point Tann about frequency with OH stuff, I also notice it can jack my low back up if I'm not careful, and obviously too much volume per week would tend toward cumulative tiredness and form problems that would be counterproductive.

OK, since most guys at the meet swore by 5-3-1, I think I am going to do some variation of that witha couple additions. Wendler has a fullbody variation already, or the full plan has plenty of room to add in cleans and extra squatting.

So, that's where I'm at now. I'll noodle that a bit:
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