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The Routine:

A/B split to be completed 3 days a week...

Example: Do 'A' on Mon, 'B' on Wed, 'A' on Friday, then 'B' on Mon, 'A' on Wed, 'B' on Fri; Repeat

Workout A:
20 Rep Squats
Light Db Pull Overs
rest 10 min.
Chin-ups (do as many as possible)
1 Arm Db Rows
Barbell Shrugs

Workout B:
Deadlift (every other "B" workout)
Bench Press or Bar Dips
Overhead Press
Bent-over Rear Laterals


On everything except Squats and Pull-overs...

Start with a light weight that you can use to complete 12 easy reps.
This may take a few sessions to figure out, but you don't want to be straining.

Every time you do the lift again, add 5 lbs to the bar. You should still be getting 12 reps fairly easy for a few weeks. If not, you started too heavy.

Soon the weight will get heavy enough and you will be straining to get all 12 reps. That's okay, keep adding the 5 lbs.

One day you will add the 5 lbs and FAiL to get all 12 reps. That's okay, just keep adding 5 lbs.

The weight will keep getting heavier and one day you will fail at 10 reps, then 9 reps, then 8 reps. But that's okay, just keep adding 5 lbs.

When you fail at 5 reps, hold the weight steady and stop adding the five lbs. Keep using the same weight until all your lifts have stalled at 5 reps.

Once all your lifts have stalled at 5 reps go ahead and take a full week off from training. Let the body relax and compensate and grow. Look back through your training log and find the weight where you last hit all 12 reps.

When you start your second round you will start with the last 12 rep weight you used. You will find that you can hit 12 reps easily with that weight now.

Progression on Squats and Pull-overs:

For Pull-overs, only use a light weight; 10 lbs should be enough. Focus on breathing deep and holding a your lungs full when starting the lift. Hold that breath throughout the entire rep and exhale forcibly at the end. Get as much stretch as you can at the bottom of the lift. The focus of this exercise is to stretch the rib cage (if possible).

The 20 rep Squats are the driving force of this routine. Done alone the Squats themselves will bring about rapid change in the physique, making it strong and muscular. As always, start with a weight that is easy to perform all your reps. Starting with just an empty bar will be enough of a challenge for most beginners. Add 10 lbs to the weight EVERY time you squat again!

Always, I mean ALWAYS get all 20 reps.

Start each rep with your lungs full of air. Hold this air in your lungs throughout the entire rep. Only exhale at the very top of the lift. The forced breathing and holding your breath during the rep will have a big growth effect on your entire body and will also help to expand the rib cage.

The first 5 reps will be in a traditional manner; one breath between each rep. For reps 6 through 10 you'll take 2 lung filling breaths between each rep. For reps 11 through 15 you'll take 3 lung filling breaths between each rep. For the final 5 reps (16 through 20) you'll take as many breaths as you need betwen reps to ensure that you finish the whole set. Stand there with weight on your back as long as you need to while huffing and puffing. When you feel ready, complete another rep. Don't quit until you've got all 20 reps completed.

Your body needs a reason to grow. 20 rep squats send this message loud and clear.

Further Notes:

You may notice there is no direct arm exercises in this routine. The arms will be getting plenty of work through the presses and back work. It is very important to fully recover between sessions on this routine. Adding extra work will only slow down your progress.

If you put in a good effort, don't deviate from the routine, and eat like it's your last day on Earth, you will see rapid gains with this routine. For best results; Run this routine twice through, meaning you should get all reps down to 5, take a week off, and then run through it again. You'll have to start a little heavier the second time through because you will be a lot stronger.

Finally, start shopping for bigger shirts

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