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Taking more than one set to maximal effort, meaning blasting out my percentage to 95%+ on multiple sets (3or more) trying to go max reps (each set) then doing drop sets, and forced sets and negatives, and all this "finisher" crap each and every few big sets per exercise.

Don't do partial movements either, those are advanced movements, instead do full range of motion and develop full, dense, strong and developed muscles, tendons, fibers, ligaments, and bones. Use goo form, don't break form on your warm ups, or else they are too heavy, don't burn out on your warm ups, stay warm. Give your last set your all and move on. You don't have enough experience to train at high frequency or volume.

Take small progressive jumps each week, and if you are feeling weak or defeated, just deload and do different movements, such as only assistant work. Don't try to bench your 1rep max for triples when your barely moving your warm ups which are 50%. Consistency is key, don't try to do too much, patience is a virtue; slow and steady wins the race.
Leave no stone un-turned, work on your weaknesses and your strong points will strengthen themselves but don't neglect your muscle imbalances and definitely don't confuse your muscles; instead stimulate them.

If you are a beginner, only do one big set per exercise, so for a CHEST day for instance:
Bench Press 4 warm up sets, 1 Max Effort Rep Set.
Incline Bench Press 3 warm up sets, 1 Set with forced reps & negatives in the same set.
Close Grip Bench Press 2 warm up sets, 1 Set a drop set to the 2 warm up weights and call it quits. Don't exceed 20reps per set, or exceed 60reps. And damn it if you want to hit a Close Grip Bench Press pr, do it first when your fresh,instead of blowing your load, wasting your energy and embarrassing yourself.

A barbell is like a woman, use your time wisely because after the first time she is sure to get tired of you quickly unless you mix things up, variety is the spice of life, but be sure to stick to the basic erogenous zones in new ways. That means compound movements and compound assistance movements. Save isolation movements for cripples and pros. All your muscles are weak and underdeveloped that is why your a beginner; make them all stronger before you pick and choose which ones to play favorites with. Machines are for tools and old people.

Free weights: Barbells, Dumbbells and Plates. Back to basics, watch pumping iron, do you see all their builds? All I saw was some cable flyes and lat pull downs, that is two cable pulley machines and maybe a tbar row; everything else was cold hard iron take some notes. For every push there is a pull. Don't do BI'S and TRI'S by themselves. Add in Shoulders and Rear Delts, with some Calves, Abs and Forearms, and for your own sake; WORKOUT YOUR DAMN LEGS, and avoid doing more than 2sets of leg extensions. We are a quad dominant society, blast them glutes and hammies.


FULL RANGE OF MOTION! Rehab/Prehab.If it hurts your working it, if it is in pain you broke it. RICE= Rest Ice Compression Elevation.

Wear a power or rehband belt not those stupid cardboard harbinger or nike belts that I can rip apart with my own bare hands without even chalking up. Wear long but light wrist wraps so you have versatility and wrap over the top of the hand connecting to the wrist. Wear knee/elbow sleeves instead of wraps, they keep you warm, you can wear them longer and you won't develop bad habits pressing or squatting that way, plus you can pull them down to protect your shins when deadlifting. Invest money in good products that will last you a long time.

If your not serious about making this a part of your lifestyle your not even a beginner. Your a quitter, a fair weathered finisher and a part timer poser. Your definition of healthy is probably the most dangerous thing their is. If it ain't broke don't fix it. If it aint fixed it won't work. If you can't calculate percentages,then your not smart enough to plan your own training.

The most basic diet/nutrition is the Protein 40%, Carbs 30% and Fats 30%, always keep Protein higher than the later, never deviate more or less than 10-15% on either one and create serious imbalances. Never just jump into some fad, take the time to test something out and don't rush to success because that is the quickest way to fail. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Plan to fail, succeed to suck.

Last but not least and most important of all, do it for yourself because no one else will love you, unless you love you, and unless you hate them, you won't be motivated to smash weights. Find mentors and motivation but don't become a tool. If you need to say 5 hail marys, Recite 10 macho mans, 15 hulk hogans, 20 ronnie colemans, 50arnolds, 2 kai greenes, 4 benni mags and 6 kon kov's you might as well check yourself into the insane asylum because the only thing your smashing is brain cells, no wait I meant brawn cells. P.S. If you can't lift things up and put them down, then you can't make it in the real world where you constantly need to pick yourself off the ground. Civilize the mind, make savage the body. Fall down 7 times, get up 8.

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
Theodore Roosevelt

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