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Thanks to all you guys! Coming onto this site has been the best thing I could possibly do. There is no chance I could have done that meet without all your help. Seriously.

BtB, the first flight was all women, second the lighter guys, 181 and down, 3rd was all the 198s. There were too many 198s, and not enough of other weights, so they said that caused some issues in creating flights and keeping the meet anywhere near schedule. The big guys didn't even start until like 4:30-5 and lord knows when they got home because I didn't stay to see them (family stuff to get to)

As you say, I will never forget that first meet! Or that squat either!! I'm telling you, I can watch that thing now and don't think it's possible it went up. It's like watching a movie you know the ending too, but are still surprised every time.

Btw, here's the video of the missed deadlift as I apparently copied the second one twice. You'll note I have long socks in this one as the judge made me get some after my second lift. So, I had about 10 minutes to find socks from a friend, change, and get myself ready to yank this one up. I think I was mentally done before I ever even got to the bar. So, memo to self, read the rules next time bonehead!

Finally, I now know some things I need to focus on to become much better. I need to simply get stronger with squats as I think my form is decent and will gradually get better as I get stronger. Basically, I need to keep my chest up more, but that's more a strength issue than a form issue. My back loses tightness because the weight grinds me down.

For bench press, I need to figure out a much better groove, tuck my elbows more, and keep working staying tight, shoulders back, in that arch, and get my legs pushing up the bench.

For deadlifts, I need to get behind the bar and pull from my heels. I feel like I'm way too far over the bar and obviously my lower back is starting to complain about that. I need to get my head and chest up a lot more and keep my hips down. Of note, that bar ripped a lot of guys legs, but never really touched mine. Clearly, I have the bar too far in front of me.

Anyway, there you go. I had a good enough day and I'll never forget it, but you guys were a big help in getting me to that point. Now on to the next step.
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