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Originally Posted by J_Byrd View Post
Congratulations on the very solid day! I hope that you keep with competing. That was a hell of a fight on that 3rd squat! Set up/walkout was lots better than the last video I saw.
Thanks Big Man! That means a lot coming from you. I will keep competing, I really had a lot of fun.

Thanks MAB, yep 1000 plus by the year end meet! And you don't eat!?! I must eat when I get nervous or something, because I was wolfing some food whenever I got the chance. And my part of the meet took 4 hours, but I was there from 7 to about 4:30 before I could leave. You had to wait to see if you were to be drug tested. I wasn't. Obviously no need since if I was using, it obviously wasn't working because I think I finished second or third to last in the 198s! Testing me would have just been an insult to my pride!

Thanks Pull! Yeah, it was funny. I felt sort of foolish at first after that lift, but people kept coming up to me all day to say something about it. So that was pretty cool. One of the judges came up and said Hey man, I thought you were just going to go ahead and do a double with that one! That made me laugh.

Thanks Spart! Looking forward to your Olympic meet. That will be cool.

Thanks Tank! Ummm....I feel great about how I did, but today I feel butt sore all over! I mean serious sore. My whole backside from shoulders to ankles is stiff, my left shoulder is cranky, and I got that calf thing going on again so I'm walking funny.

So, it's a week of no lifting for me. Oh, and I talked to lots of guys there about things they did, and a lot them said they used or made huge progress with 5-3-1. So, I had an epiphany of sorts when I thought about how most guys in here have made a lot of progress with 5-3-1 too.

So, I'm giving serious thought to just doing that for the rest of this year.

ANyway, there you go. I'll have some time on my hands to really catch up with the rest of you all this week.

Edit: Oh, and I fixed the video of the deadlift I missed if you're interested.
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