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Thanks Fellas! I did my "best", but not totally my smartest today. Really happy I stood up with 300+ (I did that for you, MAB! You called it!).

Amazing day, though! Lot's of fun, met some people, learned some stuff, etc. Hell of a long day, too! First note I wrote to remember for the next meet is bring a book and bring a whole lot more food! Seriously, good thing the meet was only a mile from my house so I could go home and eat! Weigh in was 7AM, first flight lifted 9:15, I was in third flight, so I started around 11:30, finished squatting around 12, Bench was 1:30-2:30ish, and deadlifts finished up around 3:45. I'd have starved to death if I'd have gone by the itenerary that said we'd be done for the day at 12:30!! And it was really hard to get warmups right, etc. Actually looking back, I'm surprised I did as well as I did.

Anyway, here's the lifts: 402.5 (886) total on the day.
Squat: 120 (264), 125 (275), 137.5 (An epic 302.5!)
Bench: 100 (220, too low!), 107.5 (237), 112.5 (missed 247.5)
Deadlift: 145 (319), 157.5 (346.5), 167.5 (missed 368.5)*

-I felt great on squats, so just went for the 303, glad I did as that's a huge milestone for me! I still can't believe that one went up! even watching it now, I think there's no way, but man people were excited! I was staggering afterward. But it set the tone for over-reaching and it was so hard, I'm positive it hampered me later.
-I had a terrible time with their bench. It just did not feel right and I was slipping when I tried to push with my feet, seemed sort of high too. I learned later to chalk my shoulders and butt. I just never felt right, so I'm reasonably pleased I got what I did. Still, the plan was 110 if I wasn't going good, but 112.5 would have been a PR, and it worked with squats.....Alas.
-Deadlift I had no idea what would happen as that mean squat dinged up my calf and was hideous on my lower back. But, their bar was unbelievable!!! Seriously, bars at my gym are practically smooth compared to this one!! It shredded my hands a bit, but man you could grip it like nobody's business. So, when the 347 went up fairly well, I said eff it, go for 369 and hit 900 for the day... except 369 had no real chance. No pop off the floor and I was done.

Oh well. That's the way it goes.
120 (264)
125 (275)
137.5 (302.5)

2nd bench 107.5 (236.5) (didn't tape first one)
3rd 112.5 (miss)

2nd DL 157.5 (346.5) (1st one wasn't taped)
3rd 167.5 (368.5 miss)

Anyway, there you go. Fun day. Did pretty good. Need to drop some fat and lift in my proper weight class. I was 86 kg and obviously with some tire to deflate. Those 89-90 kg guys looked huge next to me. So next time, 82 class for sure. Also, I notice a lot of my form went out the window, being a bit nervous, thinking about commands, just being a rookie in general. That'll get better. Plus, if I chose wiser on my lifts, I might actually have ekked out 900.

Enough rambling. Thanks for all your help! I never would have got this far without it. Now, I need to take the next step.
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