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Originally Posted by big_swede View Post
Rest and have fun outside the gym this week! Keeping a good spirit is essential for recovery. Looking forward to se you smash this meet bro, youve done great work in prep!
Thanks swede, I really needed that rest from all things weightlifting but now I'm ready to start again Monday!

Originally Posted by Tannhauser View Post
Massive progress in here - you're a very talented lifter. Good luck at the meet.
Thanks tann means a lot to hear you say that.

Originally Posted by Kuytrider View Post
You're gonna make experienced lifters cry at the meet I'd imagine your strategy is something like getting a conservative opener under your belt before smashing everything to pieces? You'll do great regardless
Haha I'm not that good, and yep that was pretty much my plan.

Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
Some really great opening numbers mab. Get loads of rest and best of luck
with the meet. Looking forward to reading how well it went.
Thanks mark, had to change around the squat opener out of fear though.

Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
best of luck at the meet Mab. Hope you have fun and lift strong
Thanks, as always had a great time and can't wait till next time.

Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
Missed your last workout, those are some nice deads! Good work in here MAB!
Thanks brute!

Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
Best of luck again for tomorrow buddy. SFW !
Haha thanks I tried!

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Hit it!

Originally Posted by miked96 View Post
Good luck man!
Thanks mike, you really helped me with my bench press!

3/31/12 USPF Charleston WV

Can't remember exact weights execpt the last ones, this is all in pounds.

407.5 PR

Felt very shaky and a little scared so went with a lower opener, also I think I had another 10-20 pounds in me.

Bench Press
303 PR
314 PR

Was a little shaky warming up but didn't change opener, on 314 form went right out the window.

550 PR
585 missed half way up

As the other warming up felt very heavy but once I got out there felt pretty good.

Notes: Ended with a 1271.5 total so I hit all 4 of my goals today,squat 4, bench 3, dead 550, and total at least 1200. Felt very sick to my stomach today but still went on and had a pretty good day, went 8/9 which is always good. If I gone right for the 585 I think I would of had it. The one I was really shocked with was bench, in training I had never benched over 300 even with TnG.

I will try to actually put some video up later, had a great time, wasn't 100% thrilled with the meet director, and can't wait to do it again!
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