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Originally Posted by Fazc View Post

I think perhaps we have found at least some of the problem, you seem to relate a clean diet to drinking nothing but water and eating every 3 hours. This is no surprise, seeing as you have lived off nothing but fast food for the last 4 years it is no wonder your view of what is a 'clean diet' is somewhat skewed. Kuyt provided you with some diet options, I would also strongly suggest you do some more reading on what a sustainable diet consists of.
Now we are somewhat on the same page.

The key word here is sustainable, what you have been doing obviously isn't sustainable as you're wanting to quit so soon. I would suggest reading and talking to some people about diet, perhaps make a new thread and consider what options are going to be sustainable for you. I couldn't sustain 6 meals a day or nothing but water either, it would drive most people insane.
Anything other than water would contain carbs, and my diet was supposed to be low carbs.

Carbs convert to glucose when entering the body, glucose is then stored as glycogen. Glycogen is a polar molecule, meaning it holds excessive water. If I'm not mistaken, 4g of water for every 1g of protein. Carbs also result in the release of serotoning, a neurotransmitter that increases sedation, relaxation, and laziness.

^ This brings the thought that if you cut carbs, you will lose the "bloated" water weight feeling, but my diet I did not lose a bloated feeling until after I would wake up in the mornings. It was like during the day I was still just as bloated, all except only the liquids was the appetite suppressant.

We have 'meal' threads here on M&B where you can look for ideas, again think sustainability. I think what you're experiencing is the realisation that the typical bodybuilder diet is a lie and for sustainability in the long-term especially if you are coming into a time where you will have increased responsibilities requires eating patterns which are more sustainable.
The goal with my diet was realistic. I have to eat what is available in my moms house for now (this is an embarrassing statement). I am supposed to be going back to work in the next month, so then I would be able to choose my own groceries and be a little more strict since I'll be back at my house.

Yes, the every 3 hours and nothing but water thing is most difficult part of this diet. I love a tall glass of coca cola in ice with my meals. I could eat clean all day everyday, but dropping the soft drinks is the killer.

Although despite our exchange today... I would suggest that if you're actually talking to your lawn mower, diet is perhaps the least of your concerns
I knew I'd get a jab for that. It was a thought of during the day, there's a lot to do other than time meals.
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