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Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
You are saying you have less time and higher priorities than sorting out your diet, but than you're suggesting you want to put in more time doing cardio? This represents a massive contradiction and really underpins what I've been saying all along. These are excuses. If you want to come off your diet then fine. Do it. But don't come on here trying to publicly justify it to everyone as it's part of a 'new plan'.
I don't need anyone's permission to do anything. I am not looking for anyone to agree with me. I asked a simple question "do you feel a fat bastard can have good conditioning?" What I am saying is, a 10 minute jog in the morning does not take the time out of the day to prepare 6 perfectly balanced meals and drinking nothing but water all day long.

"Hey lawn mower, I have to go, it's been 2 hours and 59 minutes since my last meal and I have to go in and eat another one, even though I've been out in the sun and it's going to make me sick".

"Hey boss, this dude facz on the internet said my diet is very important. I have to go eat a meal every 3 hours containing no carbs because if I don't stick with it, I'll be the excuse-a-saurus on the internet!"

"Hey workout partner, I eat 17 minutes and 41 seconds before I came up here to workout with you. It took me 50 minutes to get here. That means as soon as the workout is over, I have to eat approximately 19 pieces of peanuts, 8oz of chicken, and a salad with ranch".

That's freaking miserable. If I can get a little conditioning and be strong and just a little overweight, it would be better than the price I have to pay eating the same old thing every single day of my life. When someone is cooking eggs, it makes me sick at my stomach to look at them. I've been eating six eggs everyday. Scrambled got old, then fried got old, and I can't even begin to chew a boiled egg...let alone 6!

You stereotype my situation into being the excuse-a-saurus in captivity! I could use your bench press as a favorite exercise to stereotype you into broscience . It wouldn't be fair though, maybe you just like benching!

Coming off the diet for the various reasons you listed are excuses, it would be easier and cheaper to pre-cook your meals and eat clean. Rather, you have the added time of having to queue for crappy fast food, spend more money on it and spend more time in the gym. How is that going to play out? Wouldn't that time and money be better spent on your incoming child, and wouldn't cleaner eating habits and regular sit-down meals with family be infinitely more helpful in setting a good example to your child.
I just mentioned 2 posts ago I haven't eaten fast food in a while. We were out a couple days ago getting the baby's crib and stuff ready and I ate Olive Garden, but that's about it. I haven't went out of the way to eat fast food in a long time.
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