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So, I don't have fancy letters after my name or compete in professional strength sports yet, but diet it one place that fat people can listen to me on. Especially if they are going low carb. So listen up. And actually, I do have some pretty cool letters after my name, but its in a different area. OCA, OCP, soon to be OCM

Step 1. Make the commitment. This was my first step to dropping 145 pounds in 13 months
Step 2. Plan your meals out at least 1 week in advance. Do all your shopping on one day. You don't do anything else involving buying food. This helps reduce the tempation.
Step 3. Remind yourself of the commitment. Its tough. I know.
Step 4. Don't reward yourself with food. I still break this, but it starts the cravings again.

Throw out all the food in your house that doesn't mesh with your diet. Don't buy it again. Work the diet as if your life depended on it. Mine did, so it made it a little easier, but the same principles apply to you. Check out Brute Eats thread for menu ideas if you get stuck. There are no excuses to fix shitty food. Eat well, eat healthy, enjoy life.
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