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Originally Posted by MVP View Post
Awesome. What would you personally recommend? Keep in mind I haven't done cardio since the Army, which was two years ago. I've put on 47lbs since then and been on a fast food diet. Would you say take it slow at first, then do HIIT?
Personally, I prefer VIT (not sure if that's a term that's used but it suffices); Variable Intensity Training...basically you warm-up, work at LIT then hit a random section at MIT (Mid-intensity), then back-off a little but only enough to recoup, then hit a HIT section then back-off to MIT or LIt and up and down as you go throughout the duration you've set yourself.

It's never boring because two sessions are never the same because they just can't be; but, the one thing you have to be is honest with yourself, because whilst you're recovering from an all-out HIT section you can't slack off and just breeze the remainder but have to kick your butt back into a higher gear you have to dig deep, mentally as well.

I enjoy it! Much as it is pure hell at times.
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