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legitmuscle is off to a bad start

Let's be honest...I don't like this guy...
First things first, he has no respect with the other body building gurus like hodge twins, luimarco, scooby etc. He had vids that was bashing them so badly, and telling them why they should stop making vids.
Second thing is that he has the knowledge, but he doesn't applies the knowledge and yet, he's has no shape at all. I can't even see where the gains are. Hodge twins and the others may not have the knowledge or degree of physiology like what Ian has, but they have is experience. Scooby has at least over 20 years working out, Hodge Twins may have like almost 20 years too.
Third thing that was he mentioned that all workouts are safe especially DEADLIFTS (from the vid that he was bashing the twins). Every workout is risky, even a single dumbbell curl too. I never do deadlifts is because it's really dangerous and I almost hurt my spine when I was trying to lift 300 pounds of raw weight. It's really a DEAD workout exercise, or else why we all called it DEADLIFTS?
So, that's my opinion. I'm not here to bash him, but sometimes he lacks maturity and experience in this field
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