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Now this article I just discovered is pretty interesting considering what I am trying to do. I'd love to hear from this guy about how I should be handling volume.

Increasing Weekly Training Volume – Muscle and Brawn Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Muscle Building.

Only problem is that I think you can incorporate the some max effort singles along with a reasonable amount of volume per week and just stay with 3 days per week instead of increase to 4 or 5 days with switching exercises, etc.

I'm positive there's a balance between the two ideas. Always looking to crank out a max in the big lifts once a week, but also have an eye on the long term with good volume using increasingly better form on the lift itself rather always rotating variations of the lift.

That's my problem with westside, etc. Right now, when I am learning the basic core lifts, I should be doing the basic core lifts and only bring in alternatives when I have a clear weakness that needs attention.

For guys like me, right now the weakness is in the lift itself, I haven't done enough of any lift to say I have a weak lockout, or whatever that needs attention, etc.

I need to do the lift itself, often. Squats and bench for sure. Deadlifts, well jury is still out on that. C+P twice a week sounds reasonable, but even that is open to discussion.

And how many times do you need to do chinups for god's sake? Is all out once a week enough, or should you be steady with reps per day?

I feel like this is a puzzle to be decyphered. Perhaps I am being too ridiculous, but I can't help it. I love trying to figure this out.
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