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Originally Posted by MVP View Post
Now I see why everyone says Olympic lifts are hard to teach. I just don't feel like I'm doing this explosively enough.
My buddy has a problem to whereas he's trying to pull the weight from his knees using the muscles in his arms and shoulders. I'm no coach at them, but I told him I believe the momentum from the jump is supposed to cause the bar to go upward completely vertical. Am I correct?
I'm not the best at cleans, but I have been in exactly this place recently when learning how to do them. So maybe what I say might help you. Yes, you are right to not use your arms, they are just hooks, but the momentum does not come from just the jump, in fact, I tried just jumping to exert momentum for quite a while, but was going nowhere.

Turns out you need more hip thrust than "jump" and you need that big shrug of the shoulders during the jump to keep the bar in close and keep the momentum on the bar from the hips moving directly upward and in close to your body.

I'm probably desribing that badly, but watch some really strong guy doing a clean, some of them barely raise up on their toes, much less jump, but clean double body weight. It's that snap at full extension along with a hard shoulder shrug that does the trick, then the only things your arms need to do is whip those elbows forward and up to rack it nicely.

Hang cleans help with that hip explosion. Also, turn your elbows in, flex and lock your triceps, and hook grip the bar to get rid of any chance at arm pulling the weight, then shrug as hard as you can and feel the bar come up your torso, then bend your knees and whip your elbows under and catch it.

Now doing it from the floor is a lot harder, at least for me. You figure that out and tell me how you did it! I need some help with that first pull, so I'm not so out of shape with my second (hip/shrug) pull.

Just my .02
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