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Originally Posted by gaster View Post
If you are deficient in Iron, will you be fatigued all the time? How much iron should you be getting per day?
Yes fatigue will more than likely be a symptom of iron deficiency but it may well be a symptom of a variety of other conditions.

If you feel that you are deficient in iron get some blood work done.

Apparently it takes 3 months for the body to re-establish its red hemaglobin content; hubby had really low red blood count after a recent operation and has been placed on iron tablets but for 3 months and the reasoning for the 3 months is as pointed out by the doctor; after that time, the body should have balanced the blood count and there will be no need for the iron tablets.

Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
You can absolutely get too much iron. If you eat red meat, you should be fine. Iron Poisoning: Poisoning: Merck Manual Home Edition

Unless your doctor has recommended iron supplementation, I would stay away from it.
Fully agree with this statement.
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