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BtB, yeah I don't like the excess OHPing either. I can fix that though by dropping to just cleans on the heavy bench day.

MVP, interesting idea about doing single leg stuff after double leg. Have to give that some thought too.

OK, I like the basic format, now I'm wondering if there's too much volume per day, or if the reps scheme's are efficient enough.

For example is a lone single with some volume at 90% enough to stimulate 1rm growth?, or is it too much and same growth could be accomplished with less?

And what's some ideas about accomplishing volume day? 5x5 across? But the first sets are too easy and the last too hard, usually. Seems there should be something more efficient and less time consuming. Plus, I like the idea of competeing with yourself.

SOmething like 3 sets with a 20 rep goal, you make the 20 reps, you add weight. But it that enough volume? Certainly at first, but over time as you get used to the system? What are some other creative ways to do volume with little competitions with yourself, or doing volume so it's not just grinding relatively boring set after set?

Also, what about only deadlifting once a week? Is that enough? I have had trouble recovering from heavy deadlifts this past few months, but maybe if I did them more, that would get better? Or because the lifts would medium weights for repetition on the other day9s), they would just tax me somewhat uneccessarily and not be worth it in the end? The goal with deadlifts is to get to 405, I don't particularly think doing highish reps with deadlifts is that good for me, but I could be wrong of course.

Same with volume per day. The way we have it, there's one to two exercies per day that are truly max effort hard, then mostly higher rep stuff with the others. So, once this gets rolling, total volume seems manageable, but is it efficient? Once the weights start rising with this, I might be in the gym for 2 hours, even restricting rest times, so perhaps some pruning is needed?

Finally, I want to be refining form with this routine, but as this goes along, I may realize I need some tricep work for bench press, or leg presses for squats or something like that. Tough to work that stuff in an already jammed routine.

I actually wonder if it wouldn't be better to design something around what is best for each lift, then fit the pieces together. So, squat routine, bench routine, cleans, etc. Then shuffle them around to make them maneagble?

Sorry for the long post, but if you slogged through it, hopefully it was interesting. This stuff is fascinating to me. Just tons of different ways to skin the cat.
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