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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Now that you've had a few days for it to rest, does that seem more tendon related, or does it appear to me a muscle tear?
I'm no expert on biology so I couldn't say for sure though the pain only manifests itself when pressing from the chest. Pressing from the ear a la dumbbell presses causes no pain at all. So it's the first few inches from the chest only. Doesn't seem to affect any other lift either: Benches Shrugs chins are all unaffected pain wise. I had a similar issue a couple of years ago and it took 6 weeks to heal properly. Difference was, that injury affected a lot of my lifts.

Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
Some decent P.Cleans there m8.
Cheers old chap
Originally Posted by Pull14 View Post
Some mighty fine work Kuyt, even when feeling off. Look into some soft tissue work for that shoulder...
Thanks Pull. I may try that if the pain persists.

Sunday 25 March
132.5 x 1 - This was a technical mess. I got every point wrong. Stance not as wide as usual, not a good walkout, breathing not right, didn't push out on sides of feet and didn't push knees out properly. Managed the rep... barely. At least I know what went wrong

125: 5 x singles - After 2 dodgy reps, I widened my grip on the bar. This immediately made me more stable on walkout. Followed the queues better and the result was 3 good singles.

Good Mornings
85x3 - Felt awkward
May have to watch some MAB's beasts do heavy GM's to make sure I am getting it right.

Dynamic Shrugs
130x5 - A PR but still too light. I'll improve.

Pendlay Rows - This was technique purposes. Wanted to see when my form broke down a little.
75x5 - Started being less technically proficient
75x5 - Thinking 70 for 5x5 is a good starting point. Get the volume in and get this exercise right.

Speed Deadlifts
105 x 2 x 6 - May drop down to 100. Not happy with speed compared to last week.

1,2,3,1,2,2 - Not good but no surprise. I'll have to throw in some 1,2,3 ladders during sessions for more reps

Weighted Crunches + 30kg - 3 x 8 supersetted with
Russian Twists + 15kg - 3 x 8

Took advantage of the fact half the gym members forgot about the clocks going an hour forward. I did as well and was 15 minutes later than usual but the place was deserted for 45 minutes May not have the chance to use the rack as much as today for some time.
Also damaged my MP3 player as it fell out of my pocket and got smacked by the 15kg dumbbell during the Russian Twists
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