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Originally Posted by storm1507 View Post

Your alls definition of manhood is someone's size?
Not sure you quite got the spirit of what I meant. Being a real man, in truth, has nothing to do with physical ability and everything to do with your actions, both in times of peace, and times of strife. Who we are is what matters. What I am getting at is I'm sick of the hate from the scrawny pipsqueaks who hide behind assault and battery laws when they mock me for being a fat sack of crap.

Feel free to discuss your thoughts, please. This thread wasn't directed at the members of this site, who are mostly mature, strong men, both in mind and body. However, I will stand by my original statement. There are exceptions, and plenty of small dudes are real men. But the 19 year old who thinks his ribs are a 6 pack, degrades women, and spits on authority is a punk and nothing more.
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