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Wassup Guys!!

Sorry i'm late to the party but thanks for all the kind words

Let's debate!!! lol

First off, BBing is a VERY relative sport. Each aspect is relative to the BBer's own unique set of genetics. There no universal right or wrong, only what works or doesn't for that individual.

Also, no matter what people may believe or say, facts are facts. Doesn't mean that those facts will hold 100% true to the individual but science and research always gets my vote.

So let's start with the first topic.

Eating immediately Post workout is bull.
This, IMO, holds some truth to it but not enough to make me OCD about the issue. After training your body IS somewhat depleted. Doesn't have to be completely drained to be depleted. It is in need of nutrients. I emphasize nutrients because like Steve said, give me a shake and i'm good until i can prepare my meal. I'm the same way.

I do believe that you body will make better use of Fast digesting carbs PWO and upon waking because carbs basically boils down to energy for the body. This is my main and only reason for carbs PWO.

It hard to believe that the functionality and complexity of a very diverse hormone such as insulin can be completely understood. And not only understood but also taught how to manipulate optimally for any and every individual who chooses to do so.

And since we are talking BBing, i don't believe very many BBer's, despite most being very intellectual beings, have the patience to make it past the very first line of "Insulin is a hormone, produced by the pancreas, which is central to regulating carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body" or "Insulin is what your body needs to use the food you eat for energy."

Does anyone else find it weird that the topic of insulin spike is mainly discussed in BBing Seems like something so profound should be discussed and used more widely, IMO.

There was a guy by the name of Isaac Newton who said "To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction" Why am i bringing this up? Because no one really considers the opposite reaction of a momentum shift such as spiking your insulin. It's called Sugar Crash. The “crash” one feels is due to the rapid increase and subsequent decline of blood sugar in the body system as one begins and ceases consumption of high-sugar foods. More insulin than is actually needed is produced in response to the large, rapid ingestion of sugary foods.

Want to know the symptoms of a sugar crash? Want to hear it, here it go! lol

A crash is usually felt within four hours or less of heavy carbohydrate consumption. Symptoms include:

Confusion and difficulty concentrating on daily tasks

And since most BBer's spike there insulin immediately following a workout and their following meal in some cases is a 0 carb meal, you are at risk of the above listed symptoms.

Maybe that explains the attitude of many BBer's that i've been talking about lately, but thats another topic

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