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Originally Posted by SeventySeven View Post
1. Eating immediatley Post workout is bull. Stated, you never come close to depleting your glycogen therefore you dont need carbs PWO, you cant spike your insulin to be anabolic only anti catabolic unless injected. As long as you have Protein within 24 hours your good to go.

There are many issues brought up with PWO meals, one being the addition or exclusion of fats, let alone the timing of the meal; I don't think anyone will ever agree or have any definite conclusions in regard to either argument. If it seems to be working for a person, then it makes sense to continue eating directly afterwards; personally, I'm usually hungry then anyway, so eating makes sense whether it's considered to be important where muscle growth is concerned or not.

2. Glycemic Index in Bull

IMHO, Glycemic Load is more important than the GI taken alone; it's possible to eat the exact same GI by eating less of a high GI food and more of a lesser GI food, so 2 foods with a different GI can have the same GL if taken in the appropriate quantities.

3. Carb is a Carb( IIFYM)- He claims no matter what a carb source is a carb source, whether its a poptart or a yam its the same thing. He eats grass fed beef, so if a carb is a carb wouldnt that apply to the other macronutrients?

As already mentioned, yes, they may be carbs, equal in calories, but that's as far as the equality of carbs go.

4.BCAA's are bull Saying there effect is grossly exaggerated and was over hyped by Lobliner to make money.

Grossly exaggerated, sort of indicates that they have a beneficial effect just that that benefit has been exaggerated.

theres a few to get the ball rolling
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