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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I think there is a gap here that some people forget. Real bodybuilding is war. By "real" I mean going through the intense cutting battles that Rich and Emeka have to deal with.

To build muscle you really don't need much. Food, heavy weights, dedication, etc. Keeping that muscle while cutting is an art form. Go to a local show and see how few bodybuilders are ripped to shreds. It's not easy. Not at all.

Those that master the art need every tool available, and often find that "x" works even though it is run down on forums. For example, many natural bodybuilders I know use a legal fat burner. (not all, but many) Yet you will find wave after wave of forum posts laughing at people who use fat burners.

Point here being competition level bodybuilding is all about precision. Lobliner is battling it out with guys who don't compete because they are on different sides of the fence. Lobliner knows precision. Dude is ripped! I've seen him in person.

But on the other side are guys that have built muscle, but have never went through what Lobliner goes through. They didn't need BCAAs or anything else to build "some" muscle, so they position Lobliner as a shill.

I think we need to filter these debates through the proper lens. Most anyone can build muscle without using rocket surgery. Very few can get insanely shredded while keeping that muscle. Most fail to get shredded, or they lose too much muscle.

A lot of industry debates are like this. Some (not all, not many, some) advanced lifters seeing things required for advanced lifters, but that may not be required for average people who don't want to be bodybuilders, and beginners thinking all beginner principles apply forever and ever to all lifters at all levels and goals.
I agree with that you say here. And I'll add that if the BCAA use is most critical during a cut, then people's statements should mention that.

"BCAAs are an essential in bodybuilding" and "BCAAs are an essential in bodybuilding for support and recovery when cutting" are two very different statements.

One could be a shill. The other is a precise statement.
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