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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
300 hundred! Big milestone hombre. Way to make it happen.
Originally Posted by tank View Post
that's awesome kuyt! congratulations!!
Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
Click, click boom!
Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Awesome squatting. Onwards to 4pps now.

Originally Posted by JTurner View Post
Very nice squatting, progressing nicely. Smile and walk away, that's how I deal with the morons, not worth the time.
Originally Posted by Hazzard View Post
Sorry about the dickheads mate, but congratulations on that massive PR, awesome work!
Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
havent been in for a few days , so i was delighted to see the big PRs you got over the weekend.

off now to read your other thread!

p.s i did not know you were named after our saint , so your full title is Patrick Kuytrider then??
Originally Posted by JordanK91 View Post
So many PR's!

Your really smashing weights for sport now! Great work!

Keep charging for the 400 pound deadlift Its not too far away now
Thanks lads, it means a lot to have a cheerleading section, really helps when knobheads try and mess up your day

Mark, I was supposed to be born around Patrick's day but I was lazy and waited a couple of weeks

LtL, I haven't hit 3 pps yet but I'm gunning for that before I take a week off to go home next month.

Wednesday 21 March
Worried about my shoulder but it felt ok today, even on the heavy sets. This session was the epitome of 'punching the clock' as Steve said on another thread. Nothing spectacular but a worthy session nonetheless.

110x1 - 3rd or 4th time I have done 110 for a single and this was the best so far.
100x3x3 - PR for trebles. Torn between going to 102.5 for doubles next week of trying to do 4 reps on 100. Almost got pinned on sets 2 + 3!

BTNP - Did this with a smaller bar and it was much harder than with the Olympic one!

Bench - Was waiting for the squat rack so I decided to do more bench for reps.

60 x 10 - 3 sets. Man this was hard! I may just add this to the end of other sessions. My conditioning stinks and this just proved it.

105x5 Tired but made it.

Weighted Dips + 15kg
5, 5, 3 - Had nothing left

Serratus + 10kg dumbbells - 3 x 10
Supersetted with
Rope pulldown pin 18 - 2 x 10
Some guy took the machine as I was in the middle of my final serratus set but I couldn't be arsed telling him I was using it so I left it!
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