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Default Scoops vr grams and helping out

OK I see this all over the web, newbes and vets alike.

"I add 2 scoops to my milk" "I do 1 scoop" " Intra I drink a scoop." "3 scoops will do ya good."

In reality does this tell any one anything other than they are taking that supplement?

How are new people to the sport going to learn? Are your grams a world class secret?

OR don't you know eather?

Would you want a doctor to say " I don't know know much to take but take the prescription it will help."

We old timers preach learn about nutrition and your sups before you take them, then we turn around and post scoops? Does this make sence or help these newbe's?

Know your sups and know the grams you are taking.

You know how much is on your bar or geuss. "Well I today I pressed 3 of them round things on each side." lol

If we vets are to help the new people out, we better know ourself. I'm not saying everyone needs to weigh things out. Just post how much you take better than "Scoop" the quality/quanity is so diffrent from one brand to another.

Protein is the wurst culprit for this. Grams protein can very as much as 50 grams per 1 scoop.

So you recommend 1 scoop, 3 times a day to a new guy.
  • Brand A: 50g scoop = 150 g's
  • New guy takes 3 scoops as you recomend to him but Brand B: 25g scoop = 75g protein.

You just robbed him of 75g protein seen as you told him 3 scoops instead of 150g's.

Not only this but lets say your product missed getting a scooped (It happens) so grab a extra one you have laying around. Its a 35g scooped at the line, are you going to do one scoop of a product that is 20g a serving?

I have seen scoopers go from 1.6g (Controlled Labs:REDuction AM SHOT, this is a fat burner)
to (these are whey products)
  • Gold Standard 100% Whey 1 Rounded Scoop(33g) 24g protein
  • Prostar 100% Whey Protein 1 Scoop (about 30g) 25g protein
  • BSN:Syntha-6 whey 1 Rounded Scoop(44g) 22g protein
  • AAEFX FN Pro whey 1 scoop (34.9g) 24g protein
  • AAEFX IGF 33 growth factors whey (1 scoop 46g) 21 protein
I personally don't like the rounded scoops. A rounded is open to personal opinion on what the round amount is.

If your asking a person on how much of something and they reply in "scoops" ask them how many grams it equals. If they can't tell you, I would double think taking advise from them.

Any true vet of any sport or hobby in the health/weight lifting industry knows what they put in there body and why. Not all are as anal as me in weighing them out but they still know.

We old vets need to remember, it isn't like it was when we started and sups were a blanket size and quantity per serving.
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