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Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
I don't get it. If someone is lactose intolerant why do they avoid whey isolate and all cheeses. Isolate has no substantive amount of lactose and most of the cheeses I eat have little to no sugar count which means very little lactose. What am I missing?
Well, I have a problem with milk, I'm intolerant but to which actual part of the milk I have no clue and it's not a thing I can be bothered to check because I can generally keep it under control.

But, it means I can only have small quantities of milk or foods containing milk before it causes a sugnificant build-up in my system which is when the problems kick in. So, I may have a very small cube of cheese, this week, but then not touch the stuff again for about a month or more.

It could be that it's the regular consumption which would eventually cause their symptoms to surface and the easiest way to avoid that is to not consume the product.
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