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Originally Posted by bamazav View Post
There are quite a few on here who can help. Be patient, they will find you. In the mean time, help them out a bit.

Age, height and weight?
What does your current diet look like? Sample daily menu for training and non training day.
Do you know your maintenance calorie level?
What type of workouts are you doing and how often?
What are your goals, besides leaning out?
Can your budget handle a change in menu?
How well do you take direction?

All of these questions will help those of us who try to help.

I'm 27 yrs
254 lbs
I don't have a diet plan setup yet. Its difficult at times with 4 kids in the house when you have junk food available. lol
I need to calculate my maintenance calorie level? Would that be based on my lean body mass or my overall current weight?

As far as my workout i'm doing a 2 week split:
Mondays:Chest,back and biceps
Wedsenday: Legs, shoulders and triceps
Fridays: Chest, back and biceps

Mondays:Legs, shoulders and triceps
Wedsendays:chest, back and bicep
Fridays:same as monday

my goal is to get down to 225-230lbs @ 10% bf. Once I accomplish that I want to focus on getting into competition shape.

I'm willing to receive direction to help me accomplish these goals. i know its not an over night transformation.
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