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Adapting the bulgarian method to the slow lifts is obviously open to much greater interperation.
This is something we've talked about for years. It was actually a conversation I tried to have with Broz, though he was more interested in going on the attack. In his defense, he probably saw me as another mindless Interwebz Jedi on the attack.

The discussions we had a few years back related to the eccentric demands of the powerlift compared to Olympic lifting. There were some guys that had it in their head that they could simply ram every lift, every day no matter what, and that any feedback they were receiving was merely "dark days" or something along these lines.

It was hard to have a discussion about the unique demands of individual lifts, including discussion of eccentric demands.

How one handles the frequency of an eccentric-heavy lift is very unique. This is not to say that work capacity and volume can't be increased, but rather that a trainee should ease into things. Obvious to us, but not so obvious to guys looking to jump into C&P or Broz or Bulgarian or Aita squatting or whatever because men tend to lead too often with guns blazing.

Years back we had several guys on this forum that were drinking the Kool-aid by the gallon, viewing it as a template and not seeing the bigger picture. When we tried to pull them back we were viewed as weak, or pussies. In fact, one of them called Broz here for this very reason and started a battle between Broz and myself because the kid believed jumping from point A to Z was wise.

I probably sound conversative to many, but I would rather see a lifter learn what they can do with squatting 2x per week first before trying 3x per week, and so on, an so forth.

With this accumulated experience a lifter can then better fasten/tweak programs that are very intense as they move towards an advanced stage. Just my opinion, mileage may vary.

I regard to the stuff posted on the bulgarian method I think its important to keep in mind that it is a system and not a template.
I think we view it as such. My interest is more in specific approaches, such as the assistance work used as back off sets. I enjoy reading about new tools like this.

I don't view programming at this level using the powerlifts as something that can be easily templated for mass consumption. When it comes to high frequency training, I am more interested in breaking the machine down and stealing parts. I don't want someone's program, I want their parts so I can build my own.

Not to sound dismissive, but I have no interest nor infatuation with the Bulgarians, Russians, Broz, Chaos and Pain, or anyone else who uses/practices high frequency lifting. My interest is in stealing ideas and concepts, and using them to build better programs for beginners to late intermediates.

Beyond this, no tool is more important to me then the effort. I like studying programming, program structure and program variables, but this interest is a hobby. Moving iron is my passion. I rarely stick to programs, perhaps to my detriment.

Anyway, good thoughts. I think Fazc and myself are very similar in that we like stealing the parts from a machine and building our own machines.

Olympic programming isn't something I will ever care too much about. I love the lifts and the sport, but my heart is with helping the average Joe reach his goals...and perhaps to help his see new possibilities and new avenues.

Let's face it, 99.9% of the young men moving iron today only know of splits and supersets. If I can steal parts from advanced programs and find ways to recycle them into non-advanced programming to allow for the improvement of performance and the opening of doors, then I will be happy.



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