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Again, this is quite different to what is normally attributed to Abadijev and is the account of just one guy, but interesting nonetheless:

This is a good article,describes pretty well what the Abadjiev method is.
To help with understanding this method ,i should add the following:

1) In a technical event,even if the body has reached muscular and nervous exhaustion as it can be measured by a variety of ways,there's still the value of doing the movement for your maximum that day.
So even if a method such as TRAC tells you you're about to have a heart attack,in the long run doing 10 sets of snatches going to your day's max will help you with the snatch,as crazy as this sounds...

2)This system was developed as a national system,to produce as many medals as possible.
It was NOT made to make the best out of every trainee.10 4th places mean nothing,one bronze medal is a huge success.
This wasn't meant to be a mass training system but an elitist one.

The athletes don't hire the coach,they come to the coach to see if they can be top athletes,not to improve fitness-if they can't be top level athletes they're thrown out of the lifting room and aren't allowed back.
You have to see the system in its larger political,ethical and cultural context-in communist countries there was NO hobby sport,sports was a profession,you had to be top or find another job.
Hobby sports like bodybuilding were ridiculed and mostly still are today as they were considered the home of the failures of all other professional sports.It was considered fooling around like the infants do in the playground.

3)Although this system did have many failures and injuries,the screening method that was used to determine the talented, although cruel, was correct as success in every sport is determined by all the qualities needed to finish these training camps-great recovery,superb technical adaptation,good performance ,and high result to effort ratio.
The political/ethical/cultural context may have failed some athletes but they succeeded to be top athletes under the same system or under other training systems because their talent was recognized successfully.
Example : Under this system but not in Bulgaria ,it has produced the only 4, 3gold medal winners in Olympics (Dimas,Kakhiashvilli,Suleymanoglou,Mutlu) and countless single gold Olympics winners and 2 timers like Rezazadeh of Iran.
Perhaps the results were better outside of Bulgaria because there were more resources and better conditions for performance.
Others,in Bulgaria training under a different system like Boevski also reached the top because the screening method was correct.

This is no method for self improvement of anyone and i doubt that it could be modified to accomodate the less gifted.
With all due respect Broz and Mendez' supposed greatness is restricted to youtube only.

With a 200k snatch in training and a 210k clean and jerk because of wrist problems he hardly is a major medal candidate at least for now.I remember in 96 Barnett was quite a good lifter as was Hamman afterwards-please don't diss acomplished lifters so easily because someone might appear with good gym lifts under obvious heavy "adaptogen" use.If Mendez is sponsored then it's more than obvious that all this hype is geared towards keeping his sponsors and giving back to them via publicity so there's a direct interest on maintaining this hype.My opinion is that this hype will end the very moment he steps on an international platform under tested conditions... Let' give credit where credit is due...

As for the system Broz uses it obviously has great Bulgarian method inluences but it looks it's much more permanent in the way stress is posed on the lifters-the Abadjiev system was a system of high intensity periods but of brief duration,not year round in order to avoid irreversible exhaustion and injury. To put it in the terms he uses himself in the article posted here,the wolf has to rest and eat and sleep sometime,he cannot run and chase rabits all day long all year long...
I have knowledge by training in the same training hall with elite weightlifters of countries using the Bulgarian system or close derivatives (Bulgarian Greek and Iranian weightlifters) .Most of this system is anecdotal as it is the sole product of a mind of one person who kept the "copyright" by sharing with a very select few.What would come next many times susprised many of his own athletes as he had a way of recognizing technical issues or recovery issues he hardly shared.For example he could have 2 athletes lifting in the same category,about to compete in the same meet,using the same weights more or less and have one max out for 3 sets and the other for 20.After a while one could see some logic but the underlying concept was never really shared and that's why he was called "the fox".

Of course this system was based on the use of banned substances,this is why these camps were in hard to find places and not even the families of the athletes knew where they were,and this is how an athlete snatching for maintainance 130 kilos would lift 180 after 7 weeks.This is another reason why the system was never formally known by many-if you knew the system you would know when to search for the athletes.

I hardly believe anyone can approach world class levels without any banned substance help just because for the last 50 years all records have been set with banned substance help,but i don't think this discussion should take place here.The last comment i'm going to make here is that common sense should prevail above and beyond what some coach can say about his group-Abadjiev after having his whole team disqualified from 2 Olympics (and after at least 3 of his byproduct groups Greece,Turkey and Iran were disqualified as whole teams too) still swears that he has never given his athletes any banned substance and that according to his knowledge nobody he ever trained ever took anything banned...
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