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Despite 50 pages of this thread and subsequent research, this is an eye-opener! From another thread, a lifter who supposedly trained with Abadijev:

The one basic principle is to always max on the competition movement for one repetition and then do one assistant movement for doubles or triples.
The other just as basic principle is to divide daily volume into parts ,so that for one competitive movement there is one training session and for the next competitive movement of the day,you train on another session (one competition movement-one session).
There is no "no daily max",no doubles or triples for the competition movement,no rep work,no percentages...if you do the competition movement,you max...if you do assistance you don't max,ever.

So,Monday would look like this ,assuming you train for powerlifting and the competition movements are the squat/bench/deadlift:


Training session 1:
Back squat :to daily max,going up through 8-10 sets,max out,stay with max for 5-8 sets (of 1rep)
Good morning or front squat :6 sets of 2.

rest 1 hour.

Training session 2 :

Bench press: max out for the day through 8-10 sets,stay with the max for 6-8 sets.
Wide or close grip bench press: 6-8 sets of 2.

rest for 1 hour.

Training session 3 :

Deadlift : max out through 8-10 sets ,stay with max for 6-8 sets.
Stiff legged deadlifts,sumo deadlifts of good mornings :6 sets of 2.

End of day 1.
Please understand i have shared training halls with Bulgarian weightlifters in the past and many other weightlifters training under Bulgarian coaches directions.For me this system isn't a picture on a website.

I do realize this system is impossible for a non professional to follow,but this is what this system is about-it was developed to be followed by the changes to be made in order for a normal person to follow it should be so vast that the system is destroyed.

I don't know how reading about the Bulgarian system has changed your programmes but what you have outlied a Bulgarian system is not.

I have never seen a lifter max out on anything like the squat or front squat -in fact i had seen many times coaches not letting the athletes put more weight on the bar when going for triples when the last set was quite easy.

This is a fundamental difference with the Russian system,the Russians often had 360 and 400k squats and maxed squatting till their eyes bled,Bulgarians only did this with the competition movements of close to these exercises (like power snatch and clean).
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