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Default J's Upper/Lower Training Log

I recently switched from Madcow's 5x5 to a 4 day upper/lower split. Thanks to the Bearded One and mab54 for their input. Since i've added some volume from what I'm used to, I'm trying to ease into this new workout. I used the MAB 20 rep goal format for much of the workout.

Started on 3-5-12. March 5, 6, 8, and 9.

Squat, 245 (7,7,6). 20 rep goal met.
Calf Raise (3x8), 240, 260, 280(7)
Cleans (5x3), 95.
Weighted Situps (3x10), 45, 55, 65
Side Bends (3x8), 45.

I could defnitely tell that my body is not used to squatting more than 5 reps at a time. 245 was my 5 rep max when I started Madcow in October 2011, so being able to use it as a working weight feels great.

Cleans. Even though I'm moving up next week, I'm gonna stick with lower weight until I get the form down.

Bench, 225 (8,7,7). 20 rep goal met.
Db Row (3x10-15), 60 (11,12,11).
Weighted Dips, 45 (9,7,6). 20 rep goal met.
Chinups, bodyweight. (6,5,3).

Getting back into the groove of doing db rows at higher reps was eye-opening. My back was surprisingly sore.

Chinups were humbling. My hands/arms felt awkward getting into the chinup position. Like I was stretching or rotating my joints in a way I wasn't used to.

Deadlift (3x5), 225, 285, 335.
Squat (1x20), 175.
OH Press, 135 (7,7,7). 20 rep goal met.
Bent Clf Raise (3x8) 90, 135, 135
Cable crunches 3x10-15) 18(15), 19(15), 20

Trying to tightly focus on form on deadlifting. Since I've been going so heavy on deadlifts in the last few weeks, my lower back has been feeling odd and I've noticed that at the start of the lift, I've been pulling my legs away from the bar. So, getting back to great form.

A set of 20 rep squats, even at hte very light weight I used was shockingly hard. I was dying by rep 15. Having said that, I really liked it, so it'll be 185 next week.

Bb Row, 155 (8,7,6). 20 rep goal met.
Inc.DbBench, 70 (8,7,7). 20 rep goal met.
Pullups, bodyweight, (7,7,6). 20 rep goal met.
Incl.Db Curls (3x8-10). 30 (8,8,8)
1-arm Overhead Db Ext. (3x8-10). 20 (10,8,8)

I haven't done incline db bench in a long time and it showed. I'll be moving up slowly.

I could do more pullups than I could chinups!?! What is up with that?

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