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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Well I didn't notice Fazc's numbers, but at the end of the day it's a trivial difference. Here was my thought...I am 5'10", 179 LBM. For every inch below this a lifter generally holds 4 less pounds of muscle mass. If you were as big as me your LBM would be around 175. I think you have muscle, but are 15 pounds below me, so I think you're around 160 LBM.

That's my reasoning, but just remember that small differences change the percentages quite a bit. Right now you can't control whether you are 28 or 35.

Focus on what you can control, being:

1) Progressive training on the basics.
2) Calorie intake.

Once you get in a groove on this diet add cardio. Most bodybuilders recommend slowly adding cardio.

From here you lose weight one week at a time and re-assess. It is normal to drop weight more rapidly during week one for several reasons, one major one being your carb intake drops.

Ignore week weight loss totals unless it is real high or non-existent. Week 2 will be the baseline. If you are not losing about 2 pounds per week, drop your calorie intake by 300 per day. If you are losing weight too quickly, raise your calorie intake by 300 per day.

I completely agree with Fazc on Macros. Focus on getting enough protein and fat. Carbs fall inline naturally. No need to count as long as calories are in check and you're not undereating fat or protein.

Goal...lose 2 pounds per week.
Month one goal...lose 10 pounds (week one will be heavier)
Month two goal...lose 18 total pounds

Each week here on out see how you look in the mirror. 3-4 months you should be exactly where you need to be no matter what.

If you don't push for progression your body will have no reason to hold onto muscle while cutting.
Great advice. I feel like I am somewhere between 155-160lbs LBM. I don't think I would be able to bench press 310lbs at only 140lbs LBM.

I think I will gain a little bit of LBM during the early phases of the cut simply because, and it saddens me to say this, but I have never taken squats or deadlifts seriously in the past. I have always been an upper body person and I regret it severely.

I think while focusing on development of the lower body and the anabolic benefits included in training the lower body will somehow assist with maintenance of even development of LBM during this cut.

The first thing I have to drop is soda. I'm a sodaholic. I drink every bit of 6 bottles of coke and 3-4 cans of Mountain Dew per day. I think that caffeine might even have something to do with my extremely high BP.

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