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Originally Posted by MVP View Post
My goals for this cycle is- strength, speed, endurance and to just look better and feel better.
Goals -

We need to do three things with those goals:

1) Simplify - It's hard enough to hit 1 goal most of the time, never mind 4.
2) Be explicit - Once we've decided on what is most important to you. Get yourself some accurate figures that you want to aim for.
3) Set a deadline - A deadline (like a competiton) provides a sense of urgency and prevents side-tracking and 'experimenting'.

The impression I get from your pictures and your posts, the biggest bang for your buck right now in terms of quality of life, health and self-confidence will be from lowering your bodyfat levels. My personal opinion, having been down the diet route, is that you like many people under-estimate bodyfat levels. In my opinion you're certainly a ways over 30% and more like 35%. However regardless of whether it's 26% or 36% guesses really are irrelevant to the fact that something needs to be done about it.

Diet -

Lets get the basics down:

1) Have a week where you monitor calories. Aim for a maintenance intake, nothing less, nothing more. Record what you eat and by the end of the week you should know your true maintenance (not what some website says). If you gained weight or lost it, then you might do this week again to get a maintenance.

2) Now you have your maintenance, subtract 500 calories and that is your daily intake for the next month at least. Later on you might zig zag or have cheat breaks, but your bodyfat now doesn't warrant that.

3) Macros. Not a massive fan of tailoring too much here, just get 200g of protein a day and concentrate on getting a large part of your carbs/calories after training.

Training -

Talking efficiency and aims to basically look good while getting you conditioned to lifting again I would recommend H/L/M full body variations. Something like this:

Monday Heavy - 3 x 10

Overhead Press

Wednesday - Light - 3 x 15

DB Row
DB Bench
Front Squat/Overhead Squat

Friday - Medium - 3 x 12

Overhead Press
Front Squat/Leg Press

Progression will be whenever you can get all of the target reps.

Keeping track/accountable

Keep a log here of course, and keep an accurate set of records week-by-week. Don't fall into the trap of weighing each day. Give yourself enough time to get this done. 2lbs a week is plenty to begin with, and later on 1lb will be fine.

That's what I would recommend. Good luck.
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