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Request to a moderator or administrator. Since currently re-evaluating my goals, I was curious if I could request my training logs title to be called "MVP's Leaner, Stronger, Faster in 2012". Thanks!

The program looks really good, and I am actually thinking about doing a keto-esque mixed with paleo. 5-6 days with 30 carbs and nothing but high fat meats, then 1-2 days a very high carb low fat day.

Also best of luck on your journey! Stay strong my West Virginian friend.
Thanks, man! If there was some way you lived a lot closer it'd be nice because I have been looking for a workout partner for months and can't find one.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 222lbs
Bodyfat: 27%
LBM: 162lbs
Fat lbs: 60lbs
Bench Press: 215 (at the moment, without training for 7 months)
Squat: 185lbs
Deadlift: 225lbs
Press: 125lbs
1 mile run: 11 minutes

Goal statistics and measurements:
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 181lbs
Bodyfat: 13%
Bench Press: 275lbs
Squat: 365lbs
Deadlift: 440lbs
Press: 175lbs
1 mile run: 6 minutes

My program of choice remains. I will be still utilizing the three day upper/lower full body split below.

Monday: ME Upper Body
3X5 Bench Press
3X5 Barbell Rows
3X8 Incline Press
3X? Pullups
3X10 Curls

Tuesday: ME Lower Body
3X5 Squat
1X5 Deadlift (Ramping sets)
3X5 Front Squat
3X10 Hanging Leg Raises
3X_ Ab Circuit

Wednesday: Anaerobic enhancement
3X10 Push ups
3X10 Sit ups
3X** Pull ups
Uphill Sprints
Dash Sprints

Thursday: RE Upper Body
3X5 OH Press
3X? Pullups
3X10 Bench Press
3X10 Barbell Rows
3X10 Close grip bench press

Friday: Aerobic conditioning
1 hour of continuous walking
5 minutes of continuous jogging (slow)

I'm going to try to get some boxing in or something
I'll look into some DeFranco recommendations and find something from there

I want to do something achievable for nutrition. I don't want to be the guy that writes out professional diets and never follows them. I want to write out something effective, simple, cheap, and achievable. I am getting off of an A&E diet. I've never in my life strictly dieted, so I'm not going to pretend to set here and say I will quit everything cold turkey. I'll start out by cleaning up some meals and cutting calories, then as I lose weight it'll increase my desire to achieve more and more weight loss.

I'll probably make my diet something like this;
1- Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Toast with butter
2- Spinach leaves, small amount of ranch dressing, cheese, bacon bits, grilled chicken, more boiled eggs, butter
3- Tuna with mayonnaise, nuts, and a snack
4- Some type of meat, more spinach leaves, romaine lettuce, nuts
5- Protein shake with Olive oil, more nuts

^ That is significant improvement for me. I am used to eating tons of carbs throughout the day, drinking tons of soda, eating like a horse directly before bed and having absolutely on activity at all. I will be aiming for 6 total eggs per day. Why? High in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), high in protein, high in healthy fats, and very delicious. I've got to lower my cholesterol to improve my heart health.

Supplements I will be taking:
1 serving of whey protein everyday ....for you guys that like to do cardio; should I take the whey BEFORE or AFTER cardio?
1 serving of creatine monohydrate after lifting
1 multi-vitmain, just a regular one-a-day mens vitamin
3 fish oil tablets everyday

Again, for the goals....

Currently: 5'8" 223lbs and 27% bodyfat (caliber tested). LBM of 162lbs. Squat- 185, Deadlift- 225, Bench- 215 (this is after NOT training for 8 months)
Goal: 5'8" 181lbs and 12% bodyfat (caliber tested). LBM of 159lbs. Squat- 365, Deadlift- 440, Bench- 275...

Lets remember by improving our CNS's ability to use our current muscle efficiently, we can improve strength gains on a cut. I plan to get leaner, stronger, and faster while on this cut.

I will be taking out carbs completely on Saturdays. I will be weighing myself each Sunday after the program has started. I will weigh myself upon wakening in the mornings, before eating. I will be tracking my progress in bodyfat every month on the last day starting this month.
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