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Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
That event looks like a blast. Really gives you something to train for and focus on. Go get em mab.
Thanks OR, already can't wait for it!

Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
Your pressing numbers are great Mab, should do you well for the SM comp!
Thanks Fazc, and I hope!

Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
that looks like a great line up for the SM event.
that will be two great meets for you before the halfway point of the year
Yeah I thought it looked like a pretty good novice event for me try.

Originally Posted by miked96 View Post
Thats the way to do it! I saw the pic with Misha. That must have been awesome. Did you get to see Gillingham lift?
Thanks mike, and meeting Misha was awesome one of my fav athletes of all time. No I didn't get to see that lift, didn't even know when he was lifting and had to leave.

Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
That SM comp looks like a blast! Hope it goes well, you're putting in the effort for it.
Thanks brute, and even if I don't win it looks like a lot of fun and a lot different from powerlifting.

Originally Posted by JTurner View Post
Strong pressing and great news on the comp, hopefully on your way to nationals in no time
Thanks J, but even I get to go to nationals I will be killed but it will be a lot of fun!

Originally Posted by Pull14 View Post
Sounds like the arnold was a good time. Great work all around and good work on entering into that comp... I suspect you will do fairly well.
It was a great time, I love that place! Thanks Pull, and I hope so.

Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
My fave SM event is the Atlas Stones. I am sure you will smash that with such a fine deadlift that you posess.

It seems lowbackitis is going around these days. I hope some stretching and rolling is helping sort it out. That's what I have been doing and mine is getting better.

Really glad you had a great time at the Arnold. carnivore candy really caught my eye as well . what a great name they came up with
Not to sure about atlas stones, since the heaviest I will get to work with till then is around 100lbs.

If I try stretching it just hurts more, the only time I can really do anything for it is after lifting it allows me to stretch and use a heat pad.

That carnivore candy is so good!


495x3 really wanted four but back just didn't have it

Axle C&P
220x0 Couldn't clean either

C&P Regular Bar
230x1 5 pound PR

Rack Pull

Anderson 1/2 Squats

Anderson 1/4 Squats
545x1 Bar started to bend a bit and was a bit scared of my saftey rack falling in so stopped here today


Notes: Back is bothering me a bit so nothing special today, deadlifts felt fine but the lockout was hard on each rep.

I don't know what happened just couldn't clean the axle today, going to take the weight down to about 205 next week and work with a lot of cleans. The pressing felt easy with the regular bar but the clean was still heavy.

Tried 1/4 squats today and loved the way they feel, just scared of that weight falling on me if my rack breaks.

Have two tests Wens so no time to look at everyones log will check out when I can.
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