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Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
how long left to the meet ?

strong work in here as always.

dont sweat the missed bench too much
The meet is on march 31.

And thanks, I'm not just wasn't in me that day.

Originally Posted by Pull14 View Post
Ups and downs... strong work on the other benching nevertheless.
Thanks, I can't complain to much since my bench has been on the incline.

Originally Posted by big_swede View Post
Still got good presses done mab, you get the 300s next time!
Thanks swede, we shall see next Thursday!

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
You'll get 'em next time, MAB!

Enjoy your weekend! Write about anything amazing you see while yuo're there.
Thanks Mike, I'm having a great time so far and will be back on Sunday to write about it.

Sorry I haven't been posting on anyones log but I left the hotel about 8 and got back about 10. I will look through everyone log on Sunday and do a minor Arnold write up.



Clean and Press with a regular bar
225x1 10 pound PR and 20-30ish with a regular bar

Giant set 1min between each lift Beltless Squats/Sidebends/Right then left arm C&P with a Dumbbell
95x1 R/0 L
95x1 R/1 L
95x1 R/ 1L/0 R

Notes: Found a really cool gym to train at, they were having a photo shoot in the back where I was training. They actually got a few pics of me squating on the heavy sets whick was an ego boost. They had photographers from the Arnold taking pics of some bodybuilders, then once they left it was just me and this other guy in the back and they brought these really hot models in to shoot. So now its just me and this other guy and two very hot girls who are modeling while we lift.

Felt very strong on the first two sets of squats, but after the third set every rep was a grinder. Also learned that I need to work my core more since I was having such trouble with the 315. After watching the strongmen today I really wanted to try a circus dumbell but all this gym had was a regular size one. At least it had bumper plates though, this could be the most fun lift of any I have ever tried. I'm really considering buying a few bumper dumbells and a fat grip to play around with at home.

Also a quick note have some video of the strongmen and one of myself I will try and up load Sunday.
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