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Thanks for the reply.

Right before my peak, I was fighting to keep intake at 3000 calories per day. I find the problem is quantity...I cannot find (other than my shake below) enough dense food to meet the 3k/day that I attempted. I would usually fall into the 2600-2800 range (using as the calculator). Clean foods, no junk. I find junk foods slow me down and make me feel less energetic.

The majority of my calories would come from one shake every day at night...I usually do cup of oats, 2 cups milk, Myofusion protein, banana, peanut butter and olive oil...adds up to be ~1k calories.

With my schedule, I find it hard to eat 5-6x a I try 3x big meals and attempt to snack in between, but I struggle. I just find that every QUALITY meal is ~600 calories, so 1800 + the shake = 2800.

I could definitely work on my breakfast...I usually just eat some cereal+milk/oats + OJ in the AM...that's the honest truth. Maybe I should get a shake ready to go every morning...

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