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Default Have I even made progress?

Hey guys...

I just got done reading John Christy's great thread and feel like I have a new perspective to start again and try hard to reach my goals now....
Here's my history of weightlifting:

2006 -- the beginning: 135lbs 5ft 9
bench: 3x5x55lbs
squat: 3x5x65lbs
dead: 3x5x65lbs

September 2010 -- the peak: 145lbs 5ft 9
bench: 3x5x195lbs (1RM 240lbs)
squat: 3x5x255lbs (1RM 305lbs)
dead: 3x5x285lbs (1RM 310lbs)

(back injury due to job for the last 18months) so this is my starting point going forward below:
March 2012: 135lbs 5ft 9
bench: 3x5x135lbs
squat: 3x5x135lbs
dead: 3x5x135lbs

After the back injury, I am a little discouraged because I am looking back at what I personally see as pretty poor progress -- not from a strength standpoint, but a weight standpoint. 10lbs weight gain in 4 years is unacceptable. It seems my body's natural equilibrium is 135lbs...I want to be 165-170lbs -- That's where I want to be, but it seems my body doesn't want to respond. I think this is a fresh start for me here. I have lost weight and lost strength so I want a new regime (John Christy's thread takes care of this) and a new perspective on everything.

Obviously the problem is diet related...not much to say here other than I need to eat more. That's about it...

But I still don't understand why I previously have been able to gain that much strength with basically putting no body weight on whatsoever. What can I do to make BOTH progress better going forward?

I have lost a lot of size in my back due to the injury, so I think I am partly not motivated because my back has fallen behind everything else (hence why my bench is of equal strength to my back right now from the gym yesterday!!).

Any input on this?

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