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Originally Posted by Max View Post
Im considering the W/O below, but I dont want to squat heavy 3x a week and I dont have any small plates, so my progression will have to come in the form of more sets or reps. I was wondering if I can just add the power cleans to workout B, if not would it be ok to sub Incline DB OR Bench press for the squats?

Workout A
◦ 35 Squat
◦ 35 Bench Press
◦ 15 Deadlift
◦ *25-8 Dips

Workout B
◦ 35 Squat
◦ 35 Standing Military Press
◦ 35 Bent Rows or Power Cleans
◦ *38 Chin-ups
Leaving aside the dip and chinup engineering questions, You can certainly tweak any program to do the things you want to do. SS is three times a week, so I'm assuming you're going ABA, then BAB? But, you want to drop a squat session (subbing more pressing for squats is not really a good idea unless your goal is bench pressing as opposed to over all strength), or do you just want to drop a heavy squat session? and add more power cleans, twice a week or just every week as opposed to alternating with rows?

A lot of assumptions, but would this work for you?
3x 5 Squat
3x 5 Bench Press
3x 5 Rows
1x5 Deadlift

3x 5 Squat to 75-85%
3x 5 OHP
3x 5 Power cleans
3x 8 Lat pulldowns, or BB Pullovers, or even more BB Rows, if you have no lat machine or chinup bar

Also, you can add small weights by hanging jugs of water (gallon is 7 pounds) or various other things, hang chairs, or a concrete block (about 28 pounds btw), etc. to the ends of your barbell. Find a way though, because I don't think you're going to find jumps from 135 to 205, or from 205 to 275, etc. to be all that easy regardless of reps and whatnot.

That work for you? Anything can be tweaked, just hit the major compounds and do the things you like to do so that it's fun, but also find some balance so you're doing as much pushing as pulling. And squats are huge for overall strength, so might as well get stuck into them now as they will be coming down the pike anyway the further you go on your iron journey.

Hope that helps!
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