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Originally Posted by wesrman View Post

As many of you know i have suffered with adrenal fatigue/fibro/chronic fatigue/depression (not exactly sure) for a yr and a half now. It causes me to have very poor recovery and has zapped my strength and stamina almost completely. Some days i can barely do 20 push ups. Drs have been no help at all, and i refuse to take anti depressants, so i am working on fixing the problem myself through diet, exercise, and positive thinking.

My goals are to get back to enjoying training, to be working out consistently, to improve my mental thought patterns, and to recover from these health issues.

Your body depends on you.

And, you (in this context) is defined in the psychology wrapped inside the brain within your skull. Great accomplishments have come from perseverance where your sociology within your personal psychology points to not giving up on the capability of your body; you give up and the body will have no choice but to give up on you. Your view and perspective on your health issues can a have a great impact on the outcome.

Do you remember one of my old sayings? The body can sometimes lie and tell you the truth? And, its important to struggle to define or learn the difference? Sure you do, or I will have to bust ya' ass.

Within the body, there are a lot of internal physiological and biological issues that can effect mood, emotions, attitude, overall feelings, etc, etc. No one in there right mental state, would dispute this.

However, there are a couple of tangible and internal physical traits in which are always present and available when personal cognitive of their presence:

A portion of your heart, and a portion of your your brain where through all the physiological and biological influences seem to be unaffected--and only effects the physiological and biological influences (good or bad)-by personal choices made and the level of passion contained in the heart for the personal things wanted accomplished.

Life throws all kinds of situations, issues, and problems at you. Wes, you re NOT special in the regard; everyone has complications and problems.

What separates people are the types of problems people experience and the inability or ability to overcome them

For example: My wife has many debilitating medical complications.

These medical issues effect how she appears and looks in the public, effects her emotions, energy, and overall feeling, effects her physically in the sense of swelling of ankles, thighs, facial tissue, and various joint pain. ALL of these Affect her psychology, but none Effect her heart and will to LIVE and choice to serve the correct attitude in which to view her issues; which in turn makes her far more successful as compared to persons with far more and with less health issues. Whom really has more in this comparison, Wes? Do I feel sorry for her? No. I choose to build upon the character--in her--in which erodes "I want to feel sorry for myself" and builds the elements of the fight within her. This is where she is going to LIVE and the quality and content of her life will be much more fulfilled and accomplished with satisfaction.

Do I feel sorry for you?


Maybe for an instance for which provides compassion toward your circumstances. After this, this doesn't nothing for me and nothing for you. As a friend, its is my inherent trait (as I call it) to build your spirit and self-confidence, and make you realize, that NO ONE will care enough that is equal to the ability of you taking care of the problem (inwardly), than yourself. The more you care and fight, it spins off more care and fight in the others, and even if doesn't, you WILL have enough of a fight within you that you simply do not need it anyway.

If you haven't found the answer to your personal issues, or pursued the wrong ones, than you simply haven't found the one that works yet. But, there is one.

My plan is to try to not rush progression in the gym. I need to take things very slow or my body hates me. This is going to be difficult for me because my normal way is to push for progression.
Define:"I need to take things slow or my body hates me"

Hates you in which way?

I would eventually like to have a set routine, but for the moment im trying to get my motivation back
What is your plan?

Ive been eating low carb for the last few months and liking it. I do still have days where i fall off the wagon, but so far its going pretty well. Im still getting used to not carbing up before and after workouts.

....... i can easily get down from my situation if im not careful.
When issues come up and appears to have no rhyme or reason, or a person can not pin point a event or events, and some professionals can not figure it out, than take it upon yourself to control the events in which will provide yourself (and the medical professionals) with the tools that will "assist" in providing the opportunity to pin point an event or events

Think about it some, what can you do here?

What psychological events take place when you fall off the wagon? No matter how you spin it, this is your fault, and only you can fix it. This is the plain truth, and NO LUCK IS INVOLVED whether we are talking about your dietary contents or your medical issues relating to dealing with it the "best" you can.

Start looking inward. That good will be found in your thoughts before it’s found anywhere else. Positive thinking is a habit that can be learned, but like any habit it takes time and effort.

Seek information on things that inhibit and exhibit good behavior toward your goal and blend them into your life and allow your perception of them to mix in to get the job done.

Examine what you will and will not accept in the path to your goal. Find out what you will and what you will not tolerate, and within this "scope" do what "it takes" to get the job done.

If it is required that you keep a personal diary to track your thoughts, emotions, and how you feel health wise then do it. By doing this, you just may find a trend in which provides the base tools necessary that could furnish the professionals with what they need to help you.

If you do not "do what it takes" your body will leave you behind, and the very vessel in which houses your brain, will fail you. Just like you failed it, when you declined to do what it takes to get the job finished.

Get er' done,,,,Wes.


you will........


Best wishes,

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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