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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
You and me both. Let's get this done.

Interesting. I've been considering dropping it for a while, but was trying to figure out what to replace it with. Sounds silly, I know, but my metabolism is so slow that I don't want to eat many calories during the day.

Anyway, on to 240.
I've been wondering what to do about this myself. I made a rule for myself back when this all began in 2008 that I would never eat anything nasty in my mission to get healthy. Protein shakes have helped me keep my protein intake up when I don't want extra calories, but they also slow down fat burning for me. So I'm considering breaking my rule and downing a 4 oz can of tuna w/ mustard and mayo instead of whey. Comes close to breaking my rule, but I've moved past the initial phase and want a lot more out of myself than I did when it all started, so maybe its time. The reason for tuna is 4 oz is around the same number of calories as 1 scoop of whey. With a half tbsp of mayo and plenty of mustard, it should hit for around 140 calories, which isn't too bad.
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